Loota as a Company

Loota Music Ltd (Loota Music Oy) is a privately owned limited liability company registered and operating in Finland. It sells and develops Loota products.

The company was established in 2015 to commercialize Loota drums and promote Loota development. Demand for Loota products has grown year by year and today, Loota products are sold worldwide.

Entrepreneur Behind Loota

Kuva Lootan perustajasta - Mika Lilja Loota Music Oy

Mika Lilja

Mika is a 40-year-old family father with a career of more than 20 years as a drummer in the leading Finnish bands. These include e.g. Feud Marx Engels & Jung, Kirka, Kari Tapio, Anna Eriksson, Yölintu, Varjokuva, Mamba etc. In addition, Mika has played as a theater musician in musicals and he has also had time to teach drumming.

In recent years, Mika has been investing in the development of Loota drums and running and growing the company in addition to his gig rushes.