Short History

The idea of the Loota drum came into existence in 2011 when I played Cajon on a gig. I fell in love with Cajon’s gorgeous soft sound, but the posture didn’t feel very comfortable for the tall guy. For the next gig, I went on to develop a soft sound drum that can be played quietly and ergonomically better with the back straight. I also considered the idea that the drum can be packed in just one bag and easy to move with it.

Starting Point

At the very first gig Loota attracted a lot of interest, wonder and admiration. At first, the Loota had only two boxes and a pedal, but the development continued. Each version of the drum has been better and more durable than one another. The Loota set also has a cymbal stand and a crasher. Product development has been important to us from the start, because we want to give Loota players a working instrument and a pleasant playing experience. The first Loota was made in 2011 for my own needs, and at that time Loota’s development work began in practice.

Partly image of Loota Cocoa Bean drumset
In Picture there is a Loota Crasher

Further Development

2015 The Loota drum was commercialized and the selling of the instrument begun. We have received a lot of valuable feedback from drummers around the world. There has been a lot of praise and also suggestions for improvement. In product development, we have taken into account all wishes and suggestions which players feel will improve the instrument and implement them wherever possible.

The Bases of the Design

Playing Position

Loota's playing position is very close to the standard drum set playing position, which is why Lota is very playable. If you already have experience with playing drums, it is really easy to start playing Loata.

The Sound

The sound of Loota is sought for a soft and pleasant, but at the same time distinctive sound. Loota is easy to record and the recorded sound is also very good.
Picture of a recording microphone

Finnish Birch

The Loota is made from high quality Finnish birch. Birch is a very durable and really beautiful tree.
Finnish Birch